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Consistent Giving this Summer… and Through the Year

Thank you for your financial support of Germantown United Methodist Church in 2017! If you are planning to
be away at times this summer or if you have simply missed time in church for other reasons, please remember
to continue your gifts – whether pledged or otherwise – to GUMC even when you are away. Even though our
activity schedule officially “slows down” a bit during the summer, we continue to have the same expenses
throughout the year. We count on your support to meet these expenses and continue our ministry all year long.
And, we make it easy to give …no matter where you are!

In the future, we’ll be sending occasional, additional, reminders of your giving status and also the need for
consistent giving, no matter the way in which the gift is given. We hope you’ll take advantage of the above ways
to ensure consistent giving through the summer and through the year. And, again, thank you for your support
…and have a great summer!