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Amy Speake Ministries

Amy Speake has been GUMC’s missionary in San Jose’, Costa Rica for 26 years. She is director of the Alturas Children’s Program (which helps marginalized children to reach spiritual, intellectual, social and nutritional heights). Amy’s ministry began when God spoke to her on a trip to Costa Rica some 28 years ago when she saw the plight of many women and children living in the Lomas Del Rio, Pavas slums in San Jose, the capital city. Women and children are especially vulnerable in a male dominated society. These are the forgotten people living in an ugly part of a beautiful country. Crime, especially drug dealing, theft of all types, and gangs are the predominant means of economic support.

Amy’s ministry started with a few women from this area. She provided an evening meeting designed to both educate them as well as teach them some basic skills, which they might use to make things to sell. All of this was done in a Christian setting woven around telling The Story and leading them to Christ.

Amy started the Alturas Ministry to go along with her women’s program. Alturas means heights, and Amy intends to raise these children and their mothers (and hopefully families) to new heights. Thus began Amy’s Alturas School for half a day on Saturday mornings. Alturas is a comprehensive, non-profit (501 C3), children’s program.

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