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Kenya Missions

In 2006 an exploratory committee was formed at GUMC to look for ways that our congregation could positively impact the plight of AIDS orphans in Africa. The committee was directed to Methodist missionaries Bill and Jerri Savuto, who were serving at Maua Methodist Hospital (MMH) a rural mission hospital located near Maua in northeastern Kenya. Later that year, Bill visited GUMC and made a presentation about MMH and the variety of community outreach programs sponsored by the hospital with which mission teams could participate. In 2007 the first team went to Maua, it was a life-changing experience and the beginning of a long and close relationship between GUMC and MMH.

Since 2007, GUMC has sent mission teams to Maua in the following years:————with over 70 different persons participating. The team have built homes for AIDS orphans, sponsored life and job skills training for orphans, assisted with hospital renovation and other construction projects, delivered thousands of dollars of medical supplies to the hospital, including speciality opththalmology and cancer surgical equipment. GUMC has also assisted with remote medical clinics, rural school de-worming projects and has contributed to the start-up and operation of a school for orphans. GUMC member in the medical field have assisted the staff at the Maua hospital with patient care and educational materials and updates.

More recently GUMC has partnered with Memorial Drive UMC and Chapelwood UMC from the Houston area to fund a new surgical program at MMH known as SAFE (Surgical Access for Everyone). This program will identify critical surgeries needed in the Maua Catchment area and will provide funding for these, allowing life-saving medical actions for patients and revenue for the hospital, which it would not normally receive.

GUMC has also created links between MMH and the Memphis medical community by coordinating meetings between MMH representatives and Methodist Hospital in Memphis.

Those interested in providing financial support to Maua Methodist Hospital and its Mission may make contributions to GUMC Kenya Missions. These funds will be used by the Mission Teams to support specific need of MMH and may also be used to purchase medical supplies carried by the Teams on their trips. Make checks payable to GUMC memo line Kenya Missions

For more information re Kenya Missions contact Ed Clarke a member of GUMC at