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Team Read

Learning to read is critical and the second grade is a critical point in the learning to read process. Team Read focuses on the second grade and utilizes the Fry Word System (the 1,000 most commonly used words) to help these students improve their reading skills.

The Team Read concept of tutoring or coaching developed by GUMC volunteers and Caldwell-Guthrie professionals was so successful at helping children learn the 1,000 foundational words of reading that Shelby County Schools (SCS) adopted it as the model for its schools. Without knowing these foundational or Fry Words (sight words) instantly no one can read effectively.

A study by SCS showed second graders who were coached gained nearly 200 more foundational words in a year than the students who had no coaching. In addition, coached students performed statistically better on SAT II reading skills tests than non-coached students. GUMC first year results at Caldwell-Guthrie showed 73% of students gained 200 words or more (two Fry Word levels), and our subsequent years were just as impressive. GUMC’s Team Read includes more than 65 coaches during the year—-providing second graders with a coach twice a week.

What better way to show Christian Caring than to help a second grader become proficient in a basic requirement of everyday life. You may choose  any day, Monday through Thursday, one day a week one hour (2 students for 30 minutes each), the same students .

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