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Missional Needs & Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Needed

Contact John Gregory at for more info.

1. Room in the Inn-Memphis will feed and shelter homeless guests at GUMC and other churches during the cold winter months. Each night volunteers are needed to prepare and serve dinner and take away breakfasts and fill various other roles, such as spending the night with the guests. Contact Alise Davis at for more information.

2.  Volunteer mentors are also needed at the following:

  • Hope Works, which has classes that encourage personal responsibility, while providing job skills and training;
  • Hospitality Hub, which provides hospitality, counseling and resources offering more long term solutions for homeless persons; and
  • Oasis of Hope, which offers student tutoring and life coaching and employment and housing assistance in North Memphis near Caldwell/ Guthrie Elementary School.
  • Contact Eb Thomas at for more information.

3. Volunteers are always needed at Manna House, the place of hospitality for the poor, the homeless and anyone in need in Midtown Memphis.  Contact Charles Clark at for more information.

Food, Clothing, and Other Items Needed

1.  GUMC provides our guests with a new T-shirt, underwear, and socks each night we host. Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations of shoes or other clothing due to limited space. To donate men’s boxer shorts, women’s underwear, sports bras, t-shirts, gloves, hats and scarves (all sizes welcome) leave donations in drawer marked RITI near the Fellowship Hall. Items can also be purchased on our Amazon Wishlist by clicking here. Go to for more information. Contact Alise Davis at 901-496-6402 for volunteer opportunities.
2. Non-perishable food items (esp. canned tuna or chicken, Vienna sausage and peanut butter) are needed for St. John’s UMC’s Food Pantry. There is a collection tub daily at the Information Center area and on the first Sunday of each month tubs are at the 3 main church entrances. Contact Mark Schielke at for more information.
3. There is a collection tub daily at the Information Center area for new or clean, slightly used causal men and women clothing (esp. jeans and athletic shoes) and personal hygiene products (unopened soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and deodorant) for Manna House. Contact Charles Clark at for more information.
4. Dress for Success provides professional business attire to disadvantaged women. Contact the organization at 363-3100 to donate clean, slightly used, work appropriate clothing.
5.  Memphis Suit Project provides professional business attire to disadvantaged men. Contact the organization at 537-3100 to donate new and used suits, sports coats, shirts and ties.


1. Room in the Inn-Memphis, which manages this mission for the homeless at GUMC and other area churches, invites you to become an Innkeeper. Innkeepers are financial supports who have committed to a regular monthly contribution. To enroll as an Innkeeper, click here.
2. Amy Speake is beginning Alturas, a new ministry in Lomas Del Rio, Costa Rica, to assist the physical, mental, spiritual and educational needs of very poor children. Donations should be made payable to GUMC with “Amy Speake-Alturas” on the Memo line.  Contact Bettye Speake at 596-6072 for more information.
3. Please register your Kroger Shopper’s Card so that the community rewards dollars will go to GUMC supported missions, such as Habitat, Caldwell/Guthrie, Manna House and Room in the Inn. Copies of instructions to register are at the Information Center area at the entrance to the Fellowship Hall.

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