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Parent Handbook

Please click on the Parent Handbook Link on the below to download/read a copy. All parents must read the handbook. After you finished reading it, you must complete the form below which will be emailed to the preschool.

GUMP Parent Handbook

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When Germantown Municipal School District is close due to to inclement weather, then the preschool will also close. You can check the GMSD Website OR check your local TV and Radio Stations for mention of Germantown Municipal School District.

Parent Handbook Signature Form

By submitting this form I am confirming and aware of the following statements:

  • I have read the GUMP Parent Handbook (available at )
  • I understand and support GUMP’s policies and procedures.
  • I am responsible for the information within the required DHS documents listed below, which are included in the GUMP Parent Handbook Appendix, and understand it is my responsibility to be familiar with this information before my child’s first day of attendance.
  • TN DHS Summary of Licensing Requirements
  • The Flu – A Guide for Parents
  • If there is a person or persons to whom a child SHOULD NOT be released, written documentation must be provided to the preschool office as well as the child’s lead teacher.
  • GUMP reserves the right to refuse the release of a child to anyone whose behavior may place the child at risk and that Tennessee state laws regarding such a release will be the preschool’s guideline.
  • GUMP reserves the right to dismiss any student whose presence at GUMP is considered detrimental either to the student’s or GUMP’s best interest.