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Weekday OLEC Nursery Guidelines

The purpose of this program is to provide periodic childcare in a safe and nurturing environment. The OLEC nursery is open between the hours of 9:00 AM and noon, Monday-Friday, for drop-in childcare.

  1. Drop-in care will be open to church members, OLEC members, and regular visitors only. Any child who is six months of age or older and has not yet entered kindergarten is eligible.
  2. There is a maximum of 15 children at any given time. (Exceptions may apply in the case of UMW luncheon or other activity where we have planned and have extra staff scheduled.)
  3. Reservations may be made by calling the OLEC nursery at 901.753.3100 ext. 151. Drop-ins will be accepted, but reservations will be honored first.
  4. We charge $6/hour/(first)child. Additional child(ren) in the same immediate family will be $2/hour/child.
  5. Parents will be charged $2/five minutes they arrive after 12:00 noon. (Example: if a parent arrives at 12:10, they will be charged an extra $4.) Parents who are late more than three times may forfeit their opportunity to participate in the drop-off care program.
  6. Children may not be present in the OLEC nursery for more than 10 hours in any week. This includes time present while a parent is exercising in the facility.
  7. If a parent uses childcare while exercising and uses drop-off care in the same day, they will be charged separately for the exercise time and the drop-off time.
  8. Payment will be accepted in cash, check, or prepaid punch cards.