Alternative Christmas Market

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GUMC’s Alternative Christmas Market 2019

Catalog of Participating Agencies and Organizations and How Your Gifts Can Help


Groups may also be selling other items at their tables to raise funds to support their missions.

Please visit all of the agencies and organizations here today to learn about the work they do.



Missionary, Amy Speake guides Alturas Ministries in lifting poor children living in the Lomas Del Rio slum to new heights - spiritually, physically, educationally, & socially.


$100 - $4,500

Christmas Giving - Donate $100 for one student to have a Christmas present and party. There are 45 children.


Become an Amy’s Angel with a monthly commitment of support.

$45 - $360

Transportation - Donate $45 for one session • Donate $360 for one month.

This includes: $1 per child round trip costs and insurance for 45 children & adult(s).

$5 - $2,200

Meals (breakfast, snack and lunch) - Donate $5 to feed one child at the program • Donate $275 for one session of meals. Donate $2,200 for one month of meals - 8 sessions. This includes: $5 per person (45 children & 10 staff) for 55. These children are hungry. This provides nutritional during the program each session. Feeding these children is vital to their ability to learn.

$350 - $2,800

Salaries - Donate $350 for one session of salaries. Donate $2,800 for one month of salaries. There are 7 staff members and 2 interns.  They are paid for 8 days each month. Donate $30 - $125 for various position salaries per session. Donate $240 - $1,000 for various position salaries per month.


$25 - $200

Utilities - Donate $25 for one day of utilities • Donate $200 for one month of utilities.

This is paid to Christ for the City for the use of space, electricity, water and cleaning.



Classroom / Craft Supplies - Donate $150 for one-month supplies. This provides copies of activity sheets for the children. Materials to make a gift for parents is included.


$6 - $270

Notebook for classroom use $6 per child $270 for 45 children


Reclaiming the Church’s biblical commitment to care for our bodies and our spirits. Founded in 1987, Church Health is a charitably-funded, faith-based not-for-profit that provides quality, affordable healthcare to working uninsured, undeserved people and their families and offers vast services to live healthier lives.


Covers supplies and ingredients for a patient learning to cook healthier in our Community Cooking Class



Ensures a family of four receives yearly flu shots.



Provides urgent dental care for an uninsured family



Provides eye exams and bifocal glasses for three working people



Treats a patient’s diabetes with medicine, therapy and education for six months



Pays for three sessions with a physical therapist for rehabilitation services to help a patient recover from a fall.


$2,500 or more

Funds a day of care at Church Health (contact us to join our Days of Giving Society! 901.701.2000.


Monthly Giving

All gifts matter, and we’re better together.  Become a Church Health Champion.


Equipping mission teams and faith-based non-profits locally and around the world with free medical supplies and low cost medicines.


$5 - $40

Bibles, digital thermometers, band-aids, toothbrushes, reading eyeglasses, sunglasses, surgical masks, walking canes, cotton balls, Kerlix bandages, Adult and children diapers, alcohol wipes/preps, tape, toothbrushes and paste, dental floss, and other OTC items that can be used to bring hope and relief to those suffering.



Glucometers and matching strips, otoscopes and speculums, sphygmomanometers (complete blood pressure instruments), specimen cups, steri-strips



IV Fluids and start kits



Vitamins for 20 Orphans for one year!



Malaria Medicine for one person on a short -term medical mission team.



A case of Kerlex dressing for a medical team!



Support Crosslink Memphis Operations for a day!


$100 - $3,000

Low cost over the counter and Prescription medicines (like antibiotics , cortisone creams, cough syrups, etc.) for medical mission teams serving both in free clinics in the US and internationally.

Any amount will be used as needed to carry on the work God has called us to do.


Ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to building decent, affordable shelter for all.



Box of nails






Kitchen sink






Front door



Paint for one house


Adoption services, counseling and mentoring for at-risk expectant and adoptive parents all over West Tennessee.



Emergency meal for a pregnant woman in need of food



Maternity clothing for a pregnant woman in need



Supplies for a birth mother care bag (hygiene supplies needed after giving birth)



1 hour of counseling (with case management) for a pregnant woman in crisis

Provides hope and opportunity through education, spiritual development and respect for work.



Daily Bus Pass for a student without transportation



7-Day Bus Pass for a student without transportation



Drug test for a student



Workbooks, a Bible, and other supplies



Case management for a student coming out of incarceration for one week



Tuition for a student to attend the Personal & Career Development (work readiness) class for one week


An ecumenical, faith-based organization, improving and re-building the Belt Line inner- city community.  Jacob’s Ladder rebuilds houses, practices an aggressive anti-blight remediation program, and organizes within their service boundary.  Jacob’s Ladder’s children's educational mission, The Belt Line Youth Enrichment Center, provides children with opportunities for growth in some areas they lack most (creative arts and empowerment) and offers a curriculum of Bible study, art projects, music, drama, tutoring, job training, athletic activities and living skills.



Snacks and meals for one child for one week



Daily necessities: paper plates, forks, cups, paper towels, toilet paper, copy paper, toner for one week



Art, music, drama, craft, and sports supplies for one month



Summer swimming lessons for one child



Field trip

Ministering to needs of patients, assisting staff, promoting community health and welfare,

providing bond of understanding and service for persons of all races and creeds.


$25 (minimum suggested donation)
For the Last Resort Fund 
Assists patients with social service needs (if financial assistance is needed but not available elsewhere) upon discharge, for things such as utilities, food, prescriptions, transportation home, etc.  Checks should be made payable to the Johnson Auxiliary Last Resort Fund.


$10 and up (suggested donation)
For the Clothes Closet or donations from Wish Lists. 
Purchases needed clothing and hygiene items for the Clothes Closet, which serves the patients of Regional One Health by providing emergency clothing and hygiene items to in-patients (who may have had their clothing cut off or damaged in order to provide emergency medical treatment), in-patients in rehabilitation, out-patients who are homeless/low income when referred by the hospital, and immediate family members of patients here on an extended basis. Also, online wish lists for specific items have been established at the following sites, where items can be shipped directly to the Auxiliary from the online store:

  1. Amazon ( under the name Johnson Auxiliary,

  2. Target ( under the name Johnson-Auxiliary-Clothes-Closet

  3. Walmart ( under the name Johnson Auxiliary (enter where it says last name).   


$10 and up (suggested donation)

Purchases coloring, puzzle, and other related activity books along with crayons, colored pencils, etc. for children and adults.  For children, it helps to keep them occupied when they are accompanying adult family members to the hospital.  For adults, they are distributed to patients who may be here on an extended basis or their family members who are here with them at the hospital and need activities to pass away the time.



A children's home (housing 11 orphaned and abandoned girls, ages 1-18), ministry center (providing clean water, food, formula, jobs, literacy and Bible classes, and clothing to village people), and recently-opened school for children and young adults with special needs (providing teaching, medical attention, and therapy to 24 village children). La Limyè teaches the Gospel and serves as a safe place for all who want to hear about Jesus!



Food for a child for 5 days



2 chickens for a family



Large can of formula



Food for a child for 1 month



Round of antibiotics for a child



1 live goat for a family



Food for a family for 1 month



Send a child to school for 1 year

Providing Christian hospitality, rest and reflection for guests of all ages and backgrounds on the shores of the Tennessee River; offering ways for all to experience life, love and the God of grace.


$10 - $60

Crafts: Markers



Crafts: Embroidery floss



Crafts: Craft paper


$15 - $25

Crafts: Crayons



Crafts: Paint



Crafts: Fuse beads



Crafts: Gemp



Crafts: Beads



Bedding: Blankets



Bedding: Quilts



Water Sports: Life vests


Water Sports: Paddles



Water  : Water tubes


$60 - $95

Tools: Vacuum



Tools: Garden utensils



Tools: Gas-powered weed eater



Dayshore Campership



Residential Campership



Hardwood/wood laminate flooring



Donation to our fall campaign 

Building HOPE in Africa one schoolroom at a time and one child at a time for the past 15 years.  Zambian village leaders told a Maanaa volunteer that education was the best way to give their children hope and help lift the village out of poverty.  Since then, 3 new classrooms and 2 teacher houses have been built. Now, Maanza is sponsoring village students’ junior and high school tuition while helping elementary students learn test taking skills. Go online to | From the main menu, choose Give Now | Select Maanza a Leza. Or Contact Brenda Carson (901)490-5466 to have a holiday gift card sent to your honoree.


$13 per student

Notebooks, pens, and pencils for student study. 70 needed.



Standardized test preparation / Study book for seventh-grade “leaving exams”. 70 needed.



Materials and labor for Ventilation improved pit toilets for elementary school students. 10 needed.


$120 for one term or $360 for one year

Tuition of a junior or high school student from the village

Cooperative effort uniting church and community leaders to confront the growing issues of poverty, hunger, and social division in Memphis.

Your time

Serve as a ‘Meals on Wheels’ volunteer, either on a regular or substitute basis.  Substitutes are particularly needed during the last 2 weeks of December.


A week of hot meals for a homebound senior


A night in an emergency shelter for a family in need


Utility assistance for a family experiencing an unexpected crisis


6 weeks of a senior companion assisting a homebound or disabled senior with daily living activities


Mountain T.O.P.  (Tennessee Outreach Project): 
Providing mission opportunities for youth and adults since 1975! Groups serve with the families of the Cumberland Plateau through day camp mentorships, minor home repair projects and major home repair projects.



Purchase pottery made by a local potter from Beersheba Porcelain or make a donation to receive an ornament from the ornament tree. See the onsite representative to learn how your money can help.


Guiding those in need towards stability and sustainability through compassionate, Christ-centered ministries and empowerment programs.

Any amount

A pledge of Monthly Support for expenses to sustain NCC throughout the year.



Provides a food basket from NCC’s Food Pantry-enough for 2 meals to a family of four.


$20 - $30

Purchases a toy for NCC’s Christmas Toy Store GiveAway



Purchases a Reading Kit for Arise to Read sessions at various NCC locations



Purchases a “Better Me” Lifeskills Book for participants of WES (Women Empowered to Succeed) program



Sponsors a couple for a year in monthly Family Enrichment seminars



Provides food, supervision and academic assistance for 1 month for one school-aged child.



Sponsors a child for Christmas with Christmas Toys/Clothes on Christmas Morning.



Provides a child with a semester of Afterschool Enrichment, Tutoring and Bible Study.



Covers the 6 Weeks “Summer Camp” expenses for one child

Engaging young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, supporting children in holistic development, and connecting churches with communities.   Project Transformation’s collaborative model of ministry harnesses the creative energy and leadership of college age young adults, who live in intentional Christian community, and lead summer and after school programs for children in various undeserved neighborhoods.


2 books for a child



Craft supplies and sports equipment for daily activities



Field trips for 5 children



Healthy snacks for a program site for 3 days



Support for 1 college intern for 2 weeks while they live in community



Support for a child in our program for 2 weeks

Providing a hot meal, fellowship, and a warm, safe place to sleep for homeless guests during coldest months of the year.


Any amount

A pledge of Monthly Support to sustain our work throughout the year



Daily needs like coffee, cups, sugar and creamer



Ministry expenses like prescription cost or assistance for food



Assists with utility cost to provide daytime hospitality



Add staff to register guests, train volunteers, and provide day hospitality



Contingency fund for hotel rooms for families when RITI has reached capacity

STARFISH MINISTRY (now a part of the Urban Ministry Initiative (UMI):
Helps support the inner-city child and families of Memphis, regardless of denomination. Through the sale of our books about an inner-city boy, Little-A, funds are raised to help inner-city families and support many of UMI’s inner-city ministries.. UMI serves the needs of the homeless and the needs of young people still in school.


$15 per book

Every book you purchase does two things. One, the funds from the sale of every book go directly to the UMI fund. Two, every book needs to be given away, by you, to a young boy who does not like to read.  Boys who do not read, do not buy books. Purchase a book and give it to a school or friend or a young boy!

A neighborhood-based organization, partnering with other non-profits, churches, and volunteers all over the city to provide the best possible services in our three focus areas—education, hunger ministry, and social justice. UM Neighborhood Centers have loved and cared for children continuously since 1907!



Sponsor a child at the Miriam Child Development Center for one day.



Sponsor a child at the Miriam Child Development Center for one week.


Addressing the problem of child food-insecurity, which is prevalent in many schools in Shelby County. Every Friday during the school year, the Weekend Food Program provides a child a box of food containing six child-friendly and nutritious meals for the weekend.



Weekend food boxes for a child for a year


One of three Christ-centered Kairos Prison Ministries. Kairos Outside offers a comfortable, non-judging retreat for women to support and empower each other as they journey through the incarceration of a friend or relative.


Any amount

A pledge of Monthly Support for expenses to sustain West TN Kairos Outside throughout the year in support of Reunion Meetings, overhead, and Kairos Outside Weekend events



Food for a guest meal during a Weekend event



Food for a guest for the entire Weekend event



One night’s lodging for a guest during the Weekend event



Lodging for a guest during the entire Weekend event



Food and lodging for a guest during the entire Weekend event


$200 - $500

Assistance with purchasing all of the assets required to facilitate a Weekend event and the Continuing Ministry, involving 4 Reunions/year and regularly scheduled SWAP (Share, Witness, Account, Pray) support groups


Other groups not listed may be participating.  

Please see their representatives for information on how your gifts can help.

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