GUMC's Alternative Christmas Market

To find out what Alternative Christmas is all about, please click here.


Previous years: You paid each group directly or made one check out to GUMC.

2020: You can make credit card donations through the church website or you can send/bring a check to the church.

  • To use a credit card, go to the GUMC website. The name of each participating group will appear as a tab below. When you go each group you can donate to the button with the groups' name on it. Just total all you want to donate to a group, click on its tab, and enter that total amount. Then, do the same for each group you want to donate to. Or, you can click on the General

  • 2020 Virtual Alternative Christmas tab, enter one amount, and that donation will be evenly spread across all participating agencies/organizations.

  • If paying by check, make the check out to GUMC for the total of all donations to all participating groups, put 2020 Virtual Alternative Christmas Market in the memo field of the check, and attach a list of groups and how much you want to donate to each group (you can attach your Catalog with the dollar amount for each group noted if that is easier).


  • Previous years: Paper copies were available for you to complete.

  • 2020: A gift card that you can complete and give to the honoree can be found here.  Just print the card, enter the name of the recipient, identify what the gift is (e.g., an outdoor space heater or a child’s uniform) if it is a virtual gift, the Agency/Organization, and the giver’s name


Formerly, Amy Speake Ministries (GUMC & Christ for the City) - Focusing on lifting children living in the Lomas Del Rio slum to new heights (spiritually, physically, educationally, and socially) or

  • $100 (30 needed): Christmas presents and clothes for one Elementary child for Alturas Children’s Christmas party. Alturas Children’s Christmas party is being planned this year.. The children typically receive a present, new school supplies and a special Party. There are 30 Elementary children.

  • $150 (10 needed): Christmas presents and clothes for one Secondary child for Alturas Children’s Christmas party. There are 10 Secondary children.

  • $4,500: Christmas presents and clothes for ALL Alturas Children for the Christmas party.

  • $50 (45 needed): 1 set of groceries for 1 child’s family. There are 45 children.

  • $2,250: 45 sets of groceries – provides for all 45 of the childrens’ families

  • $100: School uniform for 1 Elementary child

  • $150: School uniform for 1 Secondary child

  • $10 (45 needed): 1 phone card to put on 1 family’s´ phone to enable virtual learning

  • $450: Phone cards to put on all 45 families´ phones to enable virtual learning for all 45 children

  • Any amount: Become an Amy’s Angel with a monthly commitment to Alturas children & women’s ministries in Costa Rica

(Funds will provide food, transportation, staff salaries, utilities, school supplies)

Prayers for the safety of children and staff as they pass out groceries to Alturas families and to women with COVID.


Reclaiming the Church’s biblical commitment to care for our bodies and our spirits. Founded in 1987, Church Health is a charitably-funded, faith-based not-for-profit that provides quality, affordable healthcare to working uninsured, undeserved people and their families and offers vast services to live healthier lives.

  • $25: Covers supplies and ingredients for a patient learning to cook healthier in our Community Cooking Class

  • $50: Ensures a family of four receives yearly flu shots.

  • $100: Provides urgent dental care for an uninsured family

  • $250: Provides eye exams and bifocal glasses for three working people

  • $500: Treats a patient’s diabetes with medicine, therapy and education for six months

  • $1000: Pays for three sessions with a physical therapist for rehabilitation services to help a patient recover from a fall.

  • $2,500 or more Funds: a day of care at Church Health (contact us to join our Days of Giving Society! 901.701.2000.

  • Monthly Giving: All gifts matter, and we’re better together. Become a Church Health Champion.

  • Go to to purchase The Church Health 2020 Christmas Card,
    “Flowers and Flocks”. Please order by December 4, 2020 to ensure your cards arrive by Christmas.


A medical supply ministry which equips short term mission teams and local faith-based nonprofits with free medical supplies and low-cost medicine to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.

  • $25: Provides bandaging (gauze, ABD pads, band-aids) supplies for mission teams

  • $50: Equips teams with diagnostic instruments including as glucometers, stethoscopes, and otoscopes.

  • $100: Provides vitamins for 20 orphans for an entire year

  • $150: Protect one team member of the short term mission trip from Malaria

  • $300: Provides 500 pairs of reading glasses to be distributed in communities to teach, encourage, and enhance opportunities to read scripture.

  • $1000: Support Crosslink Memphis operational costs for a day!

  • Any Amount: Will be used to carry out the work God has called for Crosslink to do.


Supporting Maua Methodist Hospital and its community outreach ministries through mission trips and donations of needed medical equipment. Since 2007, 12 mission teams and over 60 members of our congregation have participated in GUMC mission trips to Maua, a small town in northeastern Kenya, about a six hour drive from Nairobi. Our teams have funded and built 12 homes for AIDS orphan families, been instrumental in the development of a school for AIDS orphans, conducted vacation Bible School for children, conducted remote medical camps and dewormed thousands of children. At MMH, teams have donated thousands of dollars of critical medical supplies, medicines, and needed equipment; worked on hospital renovations and building projects; and assisted the hospital staff with various issues, including patient treatment, education, and accreditation.

  • Any amount: Donate directly to help support our team’s 2021 expenses, which include paying for an AIDS orphan house, remote medical camp, school deworming, and a project at Maua Methodist Hospital. You can write a check to GUMC and note it is for “Kenya Mission Team” and it will be placed in a designated fund for the team’s use.

  • Any amount: Donate directly to Maua Methodist Hospital through the United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries. To donate via the United Methodist Church, go to: and click on the blue circle for the Global Health project. On the next screen, select the following from the dropdown lists: Region: Africa, Country: Kenya, Areas of Interest; Global health, Keyword: Maua You will see two opportunities to give to Maua Methodist Hospital:, Aids Orphans and Community Health, Maua Hospital and Maua Hospital Service Fund. You can make one-time or recurring donations to either or both funds.

  • Your participation in a Mission Trip to Kenya Tentative dates for our next mission trip are July 22 - August 5, 2021.
    If you have an interest in being a member of our team, please contact Ed Clark at


Ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to building decent, affordable shelter for all

  • $15: Box of nails

  • $30: Shingles

  • $75: Kitchen sink

  • $100: Window

  • $150: Front door

  • $500: Paint for one house


A growing, loving ministry dedicated to the healing of God’s children (pregnant women, families seeking to adopt and children who need to be adopted) through adoption and pregnancy counseling.

  • $10: 1 pack of feminine hygiene supplies for a woman who has just given birth

  • $25: diapers and wipes for a struggling pregnant mom

  • $40: maternity clothing for a pregnant woman

  • $50: groceries for a pregnant woman in need

  • $75: fills a birth mother care bag

  • $100: 1 hour of counseling (with case management) for a pregnant client


Ministering to needs of patients, assisting staff, promoting community health and welfare, providing bond of understanding and service for persons of all races and creeds.

  • $25 (minimum suggested donation) for the Last Resort Fund: Assists patients with social service needs (if financial assistance is needed but not available elsewhere) upon discharge, for things such as utilities, food, prescriptions, transportation home, etc. Checks should be made payable to the Johnson Auxiliary Last Resort Fund.

  • $10 and up (suggested donation) for the Clothes Closet or donations from Wish Lists: Purchases needed clothing and hygiene items for the Clothes Closet, which serves the patients of Regional One Health by providing emergency clothing and hygiene items to in-patients (who may have had their clothing cut off or damaged in order to provide emergency medical treatment), in-patients in rehabilitation, out-patients who are homeless/low income when referred by the hospital, and immediate family members of patients here on an extended basis. Also, online wish lists for specific items have been established at the following sites, where items can be shipped directly to the Auxiliary from the online store: v Amazon under the name to Johnson Auxiliary Clothes Closet-- or Target ( under the name Johnson-Auxiliary-Clothes-Closet or Walmart ( under the name Johnson Auxiliary (enter where it says last name).

  • $10 and up (suggested donation): Purchases coloring, puzzle, and other related activity books along with crayons, colored pencils, etc. for children and adults. For children, it helps to keep them occupied when they are accompanying adult family members to the hospital. For adults, they are distributed to patients who may be here on an extended basis or their family members who are here with them at the hospital and need activities to pass away the time.


A children's home (housing 11 orphaned and abandoned girls, ages 1-18), ministry center (providing clean water, food, formula, jobs, literacy and Bible classes, and clothing to village people), and recently-opened school for children and young adults with special needs (providing teaching, medical attention, and therapy to 24 village children). La Limyè teaches the Gospel and serves as a safe place for all who want to hear about Jesus!

  • $5: Food for a child for 5 days

  • $10: 2 chickens for a family

  • $20: Large can of formula

  • $30: Food for a child for 1 month

  • $40: Round of antibiotics for a child

  • $50: 1 live goat for a family

  • $100: Food for a family for 1 month

  • $200: Send a child to school for 1 year


Providing Christian hospitality, rest and reflection for guests of all ages and backgrounds on the shores of the Tennessee River; offering ways for all to experience life, love and the God of grace.

  • $150: Dayshore campership

  • $300: Residential campership

  • Various A variety of Lakeshore-related items, including a Lakeshore Waterfront Cross Print and a Fundraiser Sweatshirt , are available to purchase at

  • $150: Lakeshore would love to receive your in-kind gifts! They are always in need of equipment and supplies to carry out their mission. For a list of items needed (and a link to their Wish List on Amazon), go to

  • Your time: A weekend of Adult Volunteer Labor


Providing hospitality for persons on the streets and others in poverty. We welcome our guests as Christ among us (Matthew 25:31-46). We offer sanctuary, coffee and conversation, showers and a change of clothes, “socks and hygiene,” a meal every Monday, and shelter for women at the Manna House Women’s Sanctuary. Founded in 2005, Manna House is a completely volunteer organization with no paid staff.

  • $25: Gives athletic socks to 40 guests

  • $50: Provides coffee hospitality for one week

  • $100: Makes sure our guests who shower get new underwear

  • $150: Provides a meal for 80 guests at the More on Monday Meal at Manna House

  • $200: Gives one month of utilities at the Manna House Women’s Sanctuary

  • $500: Outdoor space heaters for Manna House

  • $1,000 or more: Significant repairs that are needed at the Manna House Women’s Sanctuary

  • Monthly Giving: Helps us budget and provide regular services to our guests at Manna House and the Women’s Sanctuary


(at the University of Memphis) - A campus ministry of the Memphis Conference of The United Methodist Church. Their mission is to be a diverse and inclusive faith community welcoming all students. While located across the street from the University of Memphis, their ministries are open to all college students and young adults. They strive to be a student movement developing spiritual leaders in Memphis and beyond.

  • $50: 1 week intern stipend

  • $250: 1 month intern stipend

  • $500: ½ semester intern stipend


Guiding those in need towards stability and sustainability through compassionate, Christ-centered ministries and empowerment programs.

  • Any amount: A pledge of Monthly Support for expenses to sustain NCC throughout the year.

  • $10: Provides a food basket from NCC’s Food Pantry-enough for 2 meals to a family of four.

  • $20 - $30: Purchases a toy for NCC’s Christmas Toy Give-Away

  • $50: Sponsors a couple for a year in monthly Family Enrichment seminars

  • $100: Sponsors a child for Christmas with New Toys and Clothes on Christmas Morning.

  • $200: Provides a child with a semester of Afterschool Enrichment, Tutoring and Bible Study.

  • $500: Provides support for one of NCC’s College Students with tuition/books


Mentoring and educating new moms to parent well so that children thrive! They train women from the local faith community to serve as mentors and match them with moms who are asking for help. Their mentors meet with moms once a month, beginning prenatally and continuing until the baby’s first birthday, to offer support, encouragement, parent education, and the hope of Jesus Christ.

  • $15: Discipleship books for a mentor and mom

  • $50: Support for a mentoring match for one month

  • $75: Buys a case of 24 bibles to be given to moms

  • $150: Support for a mentoring match for 3 months

  • $500: Support for a mentoring match for 1 year

  • Any amount: A pledge of monthly support for expenses to sustain OBOM throughout the year

  • Your time: Volunteer to serve as a mentor to a mom who is asking for help!


Our mission is to transform communities by engaging children, college-age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships. This school year, Project Transformation is focused on helping children and families continue to grow and thrive during the COVID-19 health crisis. Your gift will support a young adult who is walking in intentional ministry with families in under-resourced neighborhoods in Memphis.

  • $10: Two new books for a child

  • $25: Monthly activity bag that encourages families to read, play games and learn together during the school year

  • $50: One afternoon virtual hangout for kids to connect with their peers and caring adults during the pandemic

  • $75: Nutritious meals for four families in our program

  • $100: Provide weekly vocational discernment and exploration for one young adult fellow

  • $250: Support for a child in our program for 2 weeks


Providing a hot meal, fellowship, and a warm, safe place to sleep for homeless guests during coldest months of the year

  • Any amount: A pledge of Monthly Support to sustain our work throughout the year

  • $25: Daily needs like coffee, cups, sugar and creamer

  • $50: Ministry expenses like prescription cost or assistance for food

  • $75: Assists with utility cost to provide daytime hospitality

  • $100+: Add staff to register guests, train volunteers, and provide day hospitality

  • $100+: Contingency fund for hotel rooms for families when RITI has reached capacity


A neighborhood-based organization, partnering with other non-profits, churches, and volunteers all over the city to provide the best possible services in our three focus areas—education, hunger ministry, and social justice. UM Neighborhood Centers have loved and cared for children continuously since 1907!

  • $20: Sponsor a child at the Miriam Child Development Center for one day.

  • $150: Sponsor a child at the Miriam Child Development Center for one week.


Addressing the problem of child food-insecurity, which is prevalent in many schools in Shelby County. Every Friday during the school year, the Weekend Food Program provides a child a box of food containing six child-friendly and nutritious meals for the weekend.

  • $300: Weekend food boxes for a child for a year

  • $15 each: Christmas cards can be purchased and used for a memorial gift or for honoring someone special this year. Funds will be consolidated and used to fund Weekend Food Boxes. To purchase Weekend Food Program Christmas cards, please contact Barbara Schanson at by December 15.


One of three Christ-centered Kairos Prison Ministries. Kairos Outside offers a comfortable, non-judging retreat for women to support and empower each other as they journey through the incarceration of a friend or relative.

  • Any amount: A pledge of Monthly Support for expenses to sustain West TN Kairos Outside throughout the year in support of Reunion Meetings, overhead, and Kairos Outside Weekend events

  • $10: Food for a guest meal during a Weekend event

  • $40: Food for a guest for the entire Weekend event

  • $45: One night’s lodging for a guest during the Weekend event

  • $90: Lodging for a guest during the entire Weekend event

  • $150: Food and lodging for a guest during the entire Weekend event

  • $200 - $500: Assistance with purchasing all of the assets required to facilitate a Weekend event and the Continuing Ministry, involving 4 Reunions/year and regularly scheduled SWAP (Share, Witness, Account, Pray) support groups


Developing at-risk boys into leaders through a unique program that combines work, mentorship, and economic development to teach life skill and impart character, thereby enabling them to overcome the cycles of despair and poverty.

  • Any amount: Donations of any amount will help Memphis at-risk boys mature into men of character who overcome the cycles of despair and poverty.


A United Methodist organization that empowers vulnerable children to move beyond begging and charity. After completing a three year program, these orphans become entrepreneurs who can support themselves and their siblings while becoming confident contributors to their communities. GUMC, through individuals and Sunday School classes has been supporting Zoe in Kenya since 2008.

  • $10: Gift Rabbits, Maize Seeds, or Banana Tree Bulbs

  • $25: Gift Chickens, School Supplies or Cooking Pots

  • $50: Gift A Goat, Hairdresser Supplies, or Electronics Kit

  • $100: Gift Carpentry Tools, Ox Plow or Basket of Shoes


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Our Location:

2331 South Germantown Road

Germantown, TN 38138

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.