About the Safety Team

Church is supposed to be a safe haven for us all, and for the greatest part of our lives, it is. BUT, what if we have a fire during church or Sunday School? What if someone sitting near us starts choking, or appears to be having a heart attack? What if there seems to be some kind of disruption? What if there is a tornado or some other emergency? How do we get to a safe place? What is being done to help our children or our infants? Is there a plan? Is there someone looking out for us?

These questions are real. As the nightly news reminds us, emergencies are possible at anytime and anywhere. Fortunately, GUMC has an Emergency Team on hand and ready to respond to these and other emergencies that may arise.

Please consider reading these documents below about church safety:

Active Shooter: How to Respond

Church Violence

Evacuation Manual 

Contact Brian Hailey for more information. 

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