Daily Devotional: December 25


What Advent and Christmas mean to me...


•Christmas and Advent mean family to me. How would Christmas be possible without a family after all? During Christmas, you're with family and we are all children of God, brothers, and sisters, and not just family your whole family is the world. I think Christmas and Advent should be family time, not just presents and Santa.

Lilly Jacobs, 5th Grade


•Christmas to me is when Jesus was born, and we celebrate him by giving things to each other because he has sacrificed himself for all the generations of children to come. Advent to me is when weprepare for Christmas by lighting a candle for a word in the bible. The five words are love, joy, peace hope, and the candle of Christ.


Klyne Underwood, 4th grade


•What Christmas and Advent mean to me is a time for family and friends to gather and think about the birth of our savior.


Wyatt Blackwell, 4th Grade

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