Foundations Sunday School Class

Who we are
We’re a group of 30, 40, and  nearly 50-year-olds who seek to live and grow our Christian faith while supporting each other, the church’s mission and our community.
How we grow in our faith
Our class typically schedules multi-week studies that focus on balancing faith with work and family life, sustaining healthy relationships, and navigating our society as followers of Jesus. A different class member teaches each week for approximately half of the class, and then a lively discussion follows. The format allows all voices to be heard, and it encourages spiritual reflection. In addition to our weekly class, we typically offer a Women’s Bible Study that meets in the fall and spring.
How we serve the church
Our class is deeply committed to the life of the church. Several of our class members provide the music for Prism Celebrations, and we serve as greeters too. We participate in numerous committees and also actively support the missions of other classes and the children’s ministries.
Our favorite mission activities
-Missions such as Room In The Inn to support the homeless
-Fundraiser at the Germantown Festival to support church and class missions
-Habitat for Humanity
Our favorite social activities
-Annual Christmas Party
-Foundations Fiesta
-Fall Family Fun at the Farm
-Superbowl Watch Party
-Thanksgiving Potluck
-Ladies Night Out
-Guys get-togethers

The Foundations class currently meets at 9:30 a.m. in room 133 under the Chapel.