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December 15, 2019

Adult Sunday School Schedule 

Adult Sunday School Lesson/Topics/Teachers

For December 15, 2019


9:40 Classes








Mary Groh
Heidi Joyce

Bill Cunningham

Class Member Led

Gerald Toney

Light of the World by Amy-Jill Levine

Sandpaper Class

The Path to the Cross by Vander Laan

The Redemption of Scrooge by Rawle

Saying "No" to Someone You Love

Fellowship Forum







Wesley 2.0

Women's Bible Class

Ed Clark

Jim Borden

Frank Marcus
Larry Groh

Sally McLaughlin

Class Member Led

Class Member Led

Randy Grodsky

Joyce Sealand

Truths About Heaven
The Acts of the Apostles

The Crosses We Carry
Christmas Through the Ages

Advent and Christmas Traditions
Journey Through the Bible: Matthew
Not a Silent Nght
by Adam Hamilton
The Good Place

The Gospel of Luke

11:00 Classes





Class Member Led

Scott Davis

Faithful by Adam Hamilton

The New Testament You Never Knew
by N.T. Wright



Class Member Led

Steven Solomon
Class Member Led

Everybody Always by Bob Goff

Faithful by Adam Hamilton
The Purpose of Christmas by Warren


Hymn Stories 

Hymns for 8:30 and 11:00 worship - December 15, 2019

#220                                                                  Angels From the Realms of Glory                                                          REGENT SQUARE


We start this 3rd Sunday of Advent with Angels.  The Angel Gabriel is part of the Gospel lesson today and is found in the anthem as well.  Angels bring messages and this hymn, proclaim Messiah’s birth.  I love the 3rd stanza image, the smart guys having to be prodded into action.  “Sages, leave your contemplations, brighter vision beam afar.” https://youtu.be/KTFkPUSxT3o



#215                                                                  To A Maid Engaged to Joseph                                                                  ANNUNCIATION


Often times we have hymns that are closely related to the lessons of the day.  Sometimes we use hymns that are well known and fun to sing.  This hymn is so perfectly suited to the lesson, we HAVE to sing it.  The hymntune is in a minor key yet isn’t maudlin, it still elicits hope.  The melody remains very stepwise, no big leaps.  We’ll have to be willing to tell a story through song.  Remember what Augustine told us, when we sing, we pray twice.  And, Psalm 96 tells us to sing to the Lord a NEW song.  In this case, new means 1983.  I think we’re up for the challenge!  https://youtu.be/CxRHmKchJAY



#218                                                                  It Came upon the Midnight Clear                                                                          CAROL


What could be simpler for a hymn tune name?  CAROL.  We will have sung of Angels and will again here.  “…from angels bending near the earth, to touch their harps of gold.”  If angels are bending to play golden harps, we better bring our best effort! 

This recording is of a tune written by Arthur Sullivan, yes, that one.  https://youtu.be/KtV477Cqni0  More common in England. 

This tune we’ll sing Sunday, in a new arrangement by Matthew Culloton.  Listen to the ease and power.  And best of all, Altos get the melody for once!  https://youtu.be/Fv7oIH3HPAY


Community Carol Festival 2019 takes place tonight at 5:00 p.m. Make plans to be present. The Matins Handbell Choir and Chancel Choir have been hard at work. Their efforts are rounding into form, this should be a wonderful night. You can hear the featured work, The Word Became Flesh, in its entirety here. https://dangoellermusic.com/shop/recordings/the-word-became-flesh-listening-cd-2/

I think of this orchestration as cinematic. Many familiar carols and original music make up this large work. An interesting technique Goeller employs, the narration is underscored by music, essentially, once it starts there is no stopping! The Matins Handbell Choir will start the evening with two wonderful and varied arrangements, Divinum Mysterium and Come, All Ye Shepherds. It promises to be a grand night. Don’t miss it!