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Adult Sunday School Schedule 

Adult Sunday School Lesson/Topics/Teachers

For February 16, 2020

9:40 Class



         Alpha                                                                   Rev. Dr. Brad Gabriel                                                   Celtic Christianity


       Apostles                                                                     Todd Wilson                                                           Todd's Game Show


        Asbury                                                                      Phil Hoffman                                                          Two Good Pharisees


     Celebration                                                                  Frank Markus                                                          To Be or Not To Be


      Emmaus                                                                      Jess Atkinson                                                             Let's Get Salty


 Fellowship Forum                                                             Sam Massey                                                     Red Letter by Tony Campolo

  Fiser-Covenant                                                                 Jim Borden                                                                    Proverbs             


       Gilbert                                                                        Judy Pearson                                                        18th Century America


      Horizon                                                                        Henry Evans                                                                Coincidences?


   Lamplighters                                                                    Jim Pruett                                                                    Honor Thy...

    Pathfinders                                                               Class Member Led                                          Journey Through the Bible: Matthew


      Seekers                                                                         Jim Dodge                                                              Mission Trip to Cuba

    Wesley 2.0                                                               Whitney Oppenhiem                                                    The Five Love Languages


 Women’s Bible Class                                                    Class Member Led                                                          The Gospel of Luke

11:00 Class



     Agape                                                                   Class Member Led                                                  Stories Jesus Told by Greg Carey

   Emmanuel                                                               Class Member Led                                               Short Stories by Jesus by A.J. Levine

  Foundations                                                             Class Member Led                                                       The Walk by Adam Hamilton

     Preston                                                                       Justin Gee                                                                              Saints

     Trinity                                                                       Dinah Allison                       Don't Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart  by Kenneth Haugk

Hymn Stories 

Hymns for 8:00 & 11:00 worship - February 16, 2020

#89                                                                           Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee                                                                  HYMN TO JOY

https://youtu.be/eMY3ivdNzwE Sometimes you have to start with dessert.  This week we open worship with this uplifting tune and text.  Filled with metaphor, the first stanza describes melting clouds of sadness and hearts that open like flowers, all leading to the joyful light of day!  In terms of notation things are quite simple. A page full of quarter notes doesn’t look like much of a rhythmic challenge.  And there lies the craft.  A strong melody and rhythm matched with an exuberant text.  We can’t help but be happy while singing. 

German composer Ludwig van Beethoven incorporated this melody into the final movement of his final symphony, #9.  Enjoy this recording.  It is full of joy, community and understanding.  https://youtu.be/a23945btJYw


#568                                                                       Christ for the World We Sing                                                                    ITALIAN HYMN

From 4/4 time and a German composer we move to ¾ time and an Italian composer, Felice de Giardini.  Giardini showed his musical skills early in life.  A keyboardist first he quickly became a virtuoso violinist.  From hot shot violinist he moved into composition.  Many protestant churches utilize this tune to the Come, Thou Almighty King text.  UMH #61.  This week we sing another text setting, one that describes a duty.  We sing, full of zeal, prayer, harmony and joy, to the World, of our Savior.  This recording captures a Church of Christ in Springfield, MO singing.  I hear many of the things we work on in choir practice.  Passion for the task being one.  Another is our diction.  Good choral diction helps listeners understand what we’re singing and helps vowel formation.  With that in mind, is the congregation singing “Rice for the whirl we sing”?  https://youtu.be/bK38WWFCsjg

#389                                                                                   Freely, Freely                                                                              FREELY, FREELY

I often think of this as a Bill and Gloria Gaither hymn.  It isn’t!  Carol Owens wrote this tune and text in 1972.  I struggle with “born again” lyrics, images and feelings.  Perhaps from those altar call youth nights I attended with my more charismatic friends growing up.  I never understood the need to cry and come down.  I suppose I was solid with the teaching receive in my church.  This hymn has born again language, so I get jumpy.  “I’ve been born again in Jesus’ name, and in Jesus’ name I come to you, to share his love as he told me to.”

Now, let’s put a slightly more critical eye to the claim.  If any of us have run afoul of God and need to improve that relationship, being born again really describes the action.  Language that can hinder can also be a healer, O God, make it so.


Ash Wednesday Choral Evensong 6:30, February 26. Stay tuned for more details.