Adult Education

The Christian faith is grounded in the love and grace of God, experienced through Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The Christian life is our response to God’s love and grace. The church calls our response to God Christian discipleship. Discipleship focuses on actively following in the footsteps of Jesus. As Christian disciples, we are not passive spectators but energetic participants in God’s activity in the world.

Adult Sunday School

Sunday School Class Descriptions

A multi-generational class with an emphasis on diversity of membership and warm fellowship with a variety of discussion and study topics. Join our class as we explore what it means to live a faith-centered life in the 21st Century. We are dedicated to providing an experience grounded in Christian love. Please join us as we grow in discipleship as we study, serve, and share life together.

A warm-hearted class of couples and singles. Class format is to have presentations by class members and guest speakers on a variety of topics that include Bible study, Social/Community issues, and  Christian practices. Regular class socials, supportive fellowship, and community outreach are emphasized. Visit us online at or in person. We would love to meet you! Ages: 70-80

A class of couples and singles dedicated to lifting each other up through prayer, Biblical teaching and discussion, class socials, and caring for each other in times of need. We are a fun, active class who serves and supports various missions and ministries within the church and throughout the community. Ages: 50-75

A diverse group of married and single friends with ages ranging from the 50’s to the 70’s (but all are welcome), who seek to support each other on our Christian journeys through fellowship, service, and education. Our diverse theological opinions lead to interesting discussions in which everyone’s opinion is valued and accepted. We are outgoing, fun loving, and actively involved in several church service projects. We meet in The Cottage which provides us with very close parking, ground floor access, kitchen, and a quiet meeting room area. We hope to see you soon! Ages: All ages are welcome!

A class of couples and singles, some retired, some still working. Our programs are diverse, Biblically based, and often involve stimulating discussion. We are a supportive and caring community to each other in good times and bad. The class is involved in many ministry and mission projects, both financially, including a wide range of GUMC activities. We love to have fun together and welcome anyone for a small group at GUMC. Age: late 50s to mid-70s

A class of couples and singles seeking to grow in a deeper relationship with Christ through biblical study and enjoyable discussion. Scripture-based ideology provides a basis for both classroom lessons and life experiences through group philanthropy and family fellowship. Ages: 40-55

A warm and friendly class that enjoys studying, praying and socializing together. We are all about friends, encouragement, prayer and the study of God’s Word, led by a rotating team of teachers who keep the Bible central to the discussions on a variety of topics relating to the challenges of Christian life. We often use our mission efforts (First Works, Kenya Mission Trip, Mountain T.O.P., Room in the Inn) as social functions that build friendships, cooperation and commitment in an enthusiastic and active manner for all class members. Ages: 58-75

As the name implies, we are a lively discussion group. Our class members discuss a variety of contemporary issues in the context of Christian fellowship. Class members and invited speakers lead these discussions, and a wide variety of opinions are openly shard. Ages: 75+.

Our class is a warm and compassionate group of couples and singles. We choose a book of the Bible and journey through the book as led by the teacher. Enjoy this time of study and supportive fellowship. Ages: mid 60’s to 80+

A class of couples and singles who strive to deepen our relationship with God through study, encourage and support one another through prayer and fellowship, and service our community together. We choose studies that spark conversation and have real life application. Ages: 35-50

An energetic and vital group of couples and singles who study the Bible and related Christian topics. Our class has quarterly social outings promoting Christian fellowship. Maintaining a close relationship with our members and supporting each other in prayer are important to this class. We also support various ministries within our church plus missions throughout the community. Ages: 80+

A friendly and inviting group of couples and singles who are continually seeking spiritual growth. We are involved in numerous church mission-focused activities. We enjoy fellowship, social activities and group events. Programs are focused on Bible studies, current church issues, and societal concerns led by class members or visiting speakers. Ages: 70s – 85

Our class is a supportive fellowship of couples and singles. We are a busy, active class involved in serving the church and the community. Studies include both biblical topics and contemporary family and social issues. Service to others is a class priority. We have an active social calendar with fun outings and fellowships scheduled almost every month. Ages: 68-90+ 

An accepting and welcoming Christian community of couples and singles, where people are valued and quickly made to feel like they belong. We study a variety of biblical topics as well as contemporary, social and family issues. Service to others and the giving of our time, talent and gifts is an important and continuous aspect of our class activities. A variety of monthly social events bring us together for fellowship and relaxation. Ages: 70-90+

A group of adults with school aged children (from elementary to college) who enjoy current event and issue based discussions with a spiritual foundation. Our curriculum is varied and includes Christian parenting, relationships, studies of Biblical figures and much more. Singles and couples welcome! Ages: mid-40s to 60s

We are a discussion based class with fresh weekly lessons that are taught by talented teachers from within our own church. Come join us as we actively support and encourage one another through prayer, fellowship, fun socials, and exciting service opportunities. For more information, please contact us at Ages: 25-45

Adult Sunday School Classes meet from 10:00-10:45.  

Please check out the list of lessons and teachers below for July 25 and join us!

Irresistible by Andy Stanley (Lynn Shipp). Agape meets in Room 132, Chapel Building.

GOLDEN CROSS Senior Ministries (David Kabakoff). Alpha meets in Room 136, behind the Fellowship Hall.

Called – Hearing & Responding to God’s Voice by Susan Robb. Apostles meets in Room 338, Hamilton Ministry Center.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Rev. Scott Chrostek). Asbury meets in The Cottage and via Zoom.

Double Healing (Phil Hoffman). Celebration meets in Room 134, Chapel Building.

Chronological Bible Study. Emmanuel meets in Room 131, Chapel Building.

Jonah – The Reluctant Prophet (Gerald Toney). Emmaus Class meets in the OLEC Dance Room.

The Instruction Manual (Judy Pearson). Fellowship Forum meets in Room 339, Hamilton Ministry Center.

The Letter of Paul to the Ephesians (Jim Borden). Fiser Covenant meets in Room 233, Chapel Building.

Unshakable Hope by Max Lucado. Foundations meets in Room 133, Chapel Building.

What Is the Meaning of Life? (Frank Markus). Gilbert meets in Room 232, Chapel Building.

Crosslink Medical Supplies and Missions (A.J. Kramer). Horizon meets in Room 2, Adult Ed Building

Women of the Bible (Mack Browder). Lamplighters meets in Room 342, Hamilton Ministry Center.

Ephesians: Paul’s New Humanity (Don Rhoads). Seekers meets in Room 1, Adult Ed Building.

Devotional and Conversation (Jay McKinney). Trinity meets in Room 145, Chapel Building.

The State of the Church  (Henry Evans). Wesley 2.0 meets in the Fellowship Hall.


Adult Education News and Events

While worship is central to Germantown United Methodist Church (GUMC), it is only part of the “disciple making” experience of following Christ. Small group studies enhance the worship experience by providing opportunities to learn more about the Bible, discuss current issues, develop close personal friendships, grow in faith and learn how to apply the Christian faith in real life situations.

We have an exciting lineup of Adult Education classes this Fall!  Look for more information in early August!


Upcoming Events:


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Monday Monthly Book Club | 4th Mondays | 10:00 a.m. – Noon

No registration is needed, just purchase the book (or check-out from the library) and join us in Room 338 for a spirited discussion!

July 26                                The Restaurant                            Pamela Kelly

​August 23                          The Same Sky                               Amanda Eyre Ward

September 27                    How May I Offend You Today?    Susannah B. Lewis

October 25                         The Keeper of Lost Things         Ruth Hogan

November 22                     That Old Ace in the Hole            Annie Proulx

Dec/Jan. 24, 2022              1984                                             George Orwell



Adult Bible Study Classes

Small groups of Christians caring for one another, praying, and studying together are a foundation of Methodism and allow a participant to grow in his or her faith with the help of other people who can provide encouragement and support.  Fall classes will be starting in August and September.  For more information contact Mary Groh at