Congregational Care

Who sits on the pew with you? Who sits behind you? In front of you? If you don’t know, get to know the people who sit around you. Notice when they’re missing and give them a call.

Engage people around you, especially if they are new to you. Being new to a city or community is daunting enough; it’s compounded by moving in the middle of a pandemic. It’s important that we welcome new people the Lord has brought into our midst.

Below are ways to serve our congregation. GUMC is not limited to this list. There are many ways to serve. Contact Yolanda Toney,, 901-754-7216 to discuss how you may serve.

  • Flower Ministry – After worship, altar flowers are separated into small vases and delivered to the homebound. Your time commitment is up to you.
  • Visits to Homebound – Occasionally you may be asked to visit those who are homebound or persons who may be ill.
  • Home Communion Ministry– On communion Sunday, you will take communion to assigned homebound.
  • Prayer Ministry – Join a team of volunteers who arrive 30-45 minutes before worship to pray throughout the church for all who enter the sanctuary before worship begins. The team also prays with the pastors.  New members are welcome.
  • Monday Night Visits to First Time Visitors – Armed with fresh cookies, you will visit first time visitors. You may bake cookies, go on visits or both.
  • Grief Ministry – Commit to stay in touch with a person who has suffered a close familial loss for a year. Regularity of contact would be determined by the person affected by the loss and you. Contact might include calls, notes, or visits.
  • Note/Card Writing Ministry – Once a month or less you will write notes to assigned persons. Adults, youth, and children may contribute to this ministry.
  • Calling Ministry – Monthly or bi-monthly (determined by you) you will call assigned persons to check in with them. These people may be ill, shut ins, or may be absent from church for several Sundays.
  • Meal Ministry – Occasionally persons or families may appreciate a meal during a difficult time. You would make the meal or purchase a meal and deliver it.