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Only 2 weeks until the 1st Virtual OLEC/GUMC 5K. September 21-26th. All week to finish it and shoot us a selfie for our Celebration board!

Remember, you do not have to be a runner or even a walker. You can bike, or indoor stationary bike, indoor row, swim, walk the pool, stroller push with the grandkids, ride a horse, or even walk the perimeter of your house. It’s all Virtual!

Walking and/or running the 5k? Here are some good tips for you to improve your form and reduce any injuries.

Good Form Walking and Running
1. Posture: Walking posture follows the same guidelines as running posture, except arms can be lower than 90 degrees if you’re walking at a slower pace. The key is to keep them compact and relaxed.
2. Stride: Your goal should be to land on the base of your heel just in front of the arch and as close to underneath your body as possible. With walking, you won’t be able to land directly underneath your body but aim for shorter strides to ensure you land with a soft, relaxed knee that isn’t locked. Cadence can be a helpful tool to improve your stride for walking as well. Most people can aim for a cadence between 120 and 160, depending on your walking pace, to help prevent over-striding and promote a softer, lighter stride.
3. Lean: Follow the same guidelines for running when it comes to your lean, although note that your body’s forward position will be less pronounced as you’ll be moving at a slower pace while walking.

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