Job Opportunities

Germantown United Methodist Church has the following open positions:

  1. Assistant Director – Health And Recreation Ministry
  2. Administrative Assistant
  3. Landscaper/Building Maintenance

For more details about these positions, please call the church office 901.754.7216 and ask to speak with our Executive Minister, Reverend Brad Gabriel. (

We have a great staff at GUMC. We hope that you’ll consider joining.


Open Position:



JUNE 2022

Youth/Adult Sports/Recreation:
Teaming with Director, help manage: T-Ball, Soccer and Basketball. Registration includes knowledge of Shelby-Next software for payments. Open registration- gathering all information, payments, organize teams, find coaches. Maintain background checks for all coaches, safe sanctuary requirements. Required ESCRA rules, time line, meetings, participants and teams. Relaying schedules via ESCRA.

Teaming with Director, help manage all Uniform Ordering, Delivery, Payment, Sort and Hand out to Coaches. Teams meet for uniform distribution. Manage sizes, replace and/or return if needed.

Organize, Manage and formulate all Team Sports Schedules. Produce appropriate schedules, practice, etc., within Olec Hours. Manage all players, coaches, and parents.

Manage all advertising, communicate with neighboring churches about youth programming at GUMC.

With coordination the Director and Score Keeper, work ALL Friday nights and Saturdays during Basketball Season. Approximately 8 weeks in duration. ATTEND ALL GAMES. Set-up Organize Equipment and manage referees, Coaches, Parents, and Participant. Having a safe place to conduct a game. Set up bleaches, tables for scorekeeper and referees, benches for teams, ready for play. Clean up after games, trash removal, bathrooms prior to closing.
Soccer and T-Ball – attend all Games, leave field clean, take picture for our Media Center and submit.
Seasonal ESCRA Mandatory Meetings. Manage payments to ESCRA via GUMC accounts payable.

Building Management and Equipment Management:

  • Alternating with Administrative Assistant and Director – Open every morning and prepare OLEC for member use.
  • Close when needed during the week and on Saturdays alternating with Administrative Assistant readily available if needed.
  • Open and Close each and every Friday night and Saturday during Basketball Season. Director Assists in these duties.

Facilities Management:
Teaming with Director- Maintain building, i.e., heat and air, valve turn off, hose, regular cleaning and operations. Lightings, stage, switches and electrical panels, safety kits up to date, in compliance with maintenance.
Learn the ins/outs of the fitness level, i.e., maintenance/coordinate with repair personnel of all gym equipment. Constant attention to cleanliness, organization and functional use of the Gym. Secure all equipment each day.

Pickleball Coordinator:
Learn the ins/out of Pickleball with Director, maintain schedules, lists, emails, lessons, get-togethers, water, snacks, Group Me APP. Eventually, take the lead with this process and important part of the Ministry.

Gym Rental:
Monitor Gym Rental for Birthday parties, and basketball parties as needed. Collect all monies, open/close, and trash removal at the end. Be available at all times during the event

Building Request Forms:
Manage, learn and handle all BRF with GUMC Campus Manager and Coordinate with Director Walk through prior to each Event MANDATORY. Completion of Event, Walk Through.

Other Duties as Described:
Assist and Coordinate with Administrative Assistant to maintain filing system, audio visual and media center in the Lobby.

Open Position:

Germantown United Methodist Church has a position available for an Administrative Assistant for a specified ministry area.
This is a full-time position. Hours are M-F 8:30-4:30.

Requirements include competency with Word, Excel, Publisher or an equivalent, ability to create and maintain computer-based forms and records, ability, or ability to learn how to maintain and modify ministry web sites, ability to communicate readily in English, appropriate telephone presence.
Pay and benefits are competitive with ability and experience.

To apply, contact Brad Gabriel, Executive Minister,

Open Position:

Administrative Assistant: (part time)

Duties include: Welcome Center:  Provide a warm and friendly presence to greet visitors, provide first contact general information and directions, direct inquires and related duties. Create weekly worship bulletins, monthly newsletters, occasional flyers, and program brochures for GUMC.

Skill Requirements: Desire to see God’s reign extend into every aspect of church activity. Telephone Etiquette. Proficiency in Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, & Outlook) Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions.

To apply, contact Brad Gabriel, Executive Minister,

Open Position:

Job Summary:

The General Maintenance Worker will perform general maintenance and repairs for assigned equipment and facilities including plumbing, electrical, basic carpentry, heating and cooling, and other building systems.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

* None.


* Inspects and identifies equipment or machines in need of repair.

* Troubleshoots issues to determine necessary repairs.

* Performs general repairs that do not require a specialized technician. Examples may include repairing drywall, painting, and repairing doors and other building fixtures.

* Performs routine maintenance on building systems.

* Cleans and assists with upkeep of the facilities.

* Mows lawns, trims weeds, and rakes leaves as assigned.

* Trims bushes, shrubs, and hedges.

* Plants, cuts, and removes trees as needed.

* Applies fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides as directed.

* Completes snow removal tasks such as shoveling sidewalks, steps, and doorways as needed during winter months.

* Performs routine maintenance on power equipment.

* Performs other related duties as assigned.


Required Skills/Abilities:

* Ability to follow instructions from supervisors or senior maintenance workers.

* Ability to operate landscaping equipment including lawnmowers, trimmers, blowers, etc.

* Knowledge of general carpentry and repair.

* Ability to use hand tools and power tools.

* Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Education and Experience:

* High school diploma or equivalent required.

* Related experience preferred.

* On-the-job training offered.


Physical Requirements:

* Prolonged periods standing and walking.

* Must be physically able to climb ladders, bend, or crawl into awkward spaces.

* Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds at a time